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Top 4 Skills Employers Are Looking For When Hiring

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

In today’s video, we are going to talk about what the top 4 skills are that every employer is looking for when hiring a new employee.

1. Initiative.

Initiative can come in a variety of ways. You can volunteer by taking on more tasks and responsibilities at your current job. You can help others by training them for a specific

skill set.

But, here is the key. The biggest mistake that I see people make is they start showcasing those initiatives without a goal in mind. Research shows that those people who have clear career goals are far more likely to show initiative at work. So, it’s really important for you to know your job, your job responsibilities, to understand your team and also your organization’s goals, so that your initiatives will be aligned with your goals.

2. Desire to Learn

30% of executives that have been surveyed recently suggest that one of the most important traits that they are looking for in new hires, especially those who are fresh out of college is their desire and ability to learn new things. Successful people never stop learning. That doesn’t just apply to people who have just graduated from college, it applies to everyone. The wealthiest and most successful people in the world never stop learning and are constantly educating themselves.

So, make sure you surround yourself with mentors and have selected yourself a group of influencers that you can follow online for their content. Take a class or two to perfect your skill in your particular subject area. That will go a long way in showcasing your ability to learn new things and grow professionally.

3. Collaboration and Communication

Perhaps the most important skill set that employers are looking for when hiring, especially someone who is just fresh out of college, is their ability to get along with others and communicate effectively across different platforms, whether it’s online, group setting, meetings or presentations.

So, make sure you assess your own communication style. Understand how you would like to interact with others and set expectations with your teammates, especially with your supervisors. Before you start your work, make sure to have a conversation with them about their communication style, how would they like to communicate, how should you provide them with regular updates. Make sure to set regular status update, whether it’s written reports or weekly meetings. The same apply to your teammate..

4. Adaptability

What does it really mean? It doesn’t mean that your employers are looking at you to compromise on your beliefs. What they are looking for is for you to be open to new ideas and your ability to pivot in a situation where it requires a new course of action. Your company may change their goals and objectives, whether it’s short or long term, or it may be a crisis on a project that may require you to deviate from the original path. So, it’s really important for you to understand and assess the situation and be able to put forward a new plan of action or follow one that has been provided to you by your team members.

Let’s recap: the Top 4 traits that employers are looking for when hiring someone to join their team are:

  1. Initiative

  2. Desire to learn

  3. Teamwork and Collaboration

  4. Adaptability

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