Grow your business by providing employees the skills, resources and motivation to grow themselves

On-the-go, bite-sized employee training in less than

5 minutes a week 

We help you retain and develop your employees by delivering on-the-go, bite-sized affordable career development training that increases your profit margins.

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Why Is Employee Development

and Learning Important?

  • Increases team and employee engagement

  • Helps break down departmental silos

  • Reduces high employee turnover

  • Increases productivity

  • Increases collaboration

  • Reduces loss of revenue

  • Employees want and expect it! 

Research shows companies that offer comprehensive training programs have:




higher income per employee than companies without formalized training.

higher profit margin from companies who invest in training programs.

of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. Ongoing work integrated professional development is expected by today's talent.

Why Do Companies Love Career Bloom​

Traditional Training:​

  • Half-day or full-day seminar

  • One-time online class

  • Learned once, forgotten immediately

  • Theory, not actionable

  • Neuroscience says we forget 90% of what we learn within a month 

Formalized trainings are expensive and ineffective.

  • Bite-sized training delivered the way people want to consume information

  • Increases knowledge retention  

  • Accessible on the go via phones

  • Only takes 5 minutes a week/you choose your own time

  • Actionable vs. theory. (Actionable takeaways,

        to-do lists and reminders)

  • Cost - a fraction of the cost of traditional learning 

What You Get with Career Bloom

Fits with the way your employees learn.

Customized solutions for

your goals

A fraction of traditional training costs

How Career Bloom Works

We deliver educational content to employees in bite-sized, actionable tips, resources and tools.

Twice a week via email

and/or text message

Under 1 minute in length

Includes engaging content like video, to-do lists and action plans

Many Modules and Tracks to Choose From

Build your own customized model to fit your organization and team’s goals

Strategy Tools

Mapping out the best possible direction for your team and company.

Problem Solving

Solving business and interpersonal problems.

Stress Management

Become effective and happy at work by managing stress and priorities.

Turn Your Company Values

into Action
Custom training module that integrates your company values/mission and goals into specific actionable tips, resources and action plans.

Decision Making
Tools and resources for choosing effective options and making better decisions that are aligned with company goals.

Team Management

Tools, resources and tips to become collaborative, effective and resilient team managers.

How to Get Your Bloom Started


We conduct a deep-dive consultation to understand your needs and define organizational training goals.


Career Bloom creates a customized recommended content plan.


We start sending actionable training content in a bite-sized format on a weekly basis.


Your Employees’ careers and your company bloom!

When Employees Bloom, Business Grows

Schedule a demo of our product so you can see for yourself how

Career Bloom can help you reach your goals by building up your employees? 

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