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How to Create a Five-Year Career Development Plan that Will Make You the Boss of your Career

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Why is Having a Career Development Plan Important?

  • You take charge of your life's direction

  • You align your career with your values

  • You set yourself up to earn more money

How To Develop a 5-Year Career Plan

1. Define Your Goals

  • First, think about the big goal! What do you want to do and be in 5 years?

2. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of organization would have this role?

  • Where would you live?

  • What kind of work environment?

  • Are you going to be an entrepreneur?

  • Add all the details most important to you.

3. Once the big picture is defined, work on short-term goals

  • Start by looking at job descriptions for that role.

  • See how closely you match the skills and requirements.

  • Make a note of commonalities.

  • Using this information, you can create short-term goals to build certain skills, obtain advanced education, and plan networking efforts.

4. Identify Milestones

  • For every goal you have, identify key actions and a timeline to achieve it.

  • It will help you hold yourself accountable

5. Find Mentors

  • Mentors are great at building our strengths and identifying areas of development.

6. Pursue Professional Training

  • To be successful in any career, you never stop learning and growing.

  • Here are some resources to help you get started with training in your field

  • Coursera

  • LinkedIn Learning

  • Industry Association


How to Develop a 5-Year Career Plan:

  1. Define your goals

  2. Identify milestones to achieve those goals

  3. Find Mentors to help guide your journey

  4. Pursue Professional Training to acquire the Skills

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