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How To Ask For A Reference or Letter of Recommendation?

Step 1: Choose the right people

  • Ask 2-3 people to provide you with a letter of recommendation/reference

  • Choose a person that knows you well

  • Someone who can describe your skills, accomplishment and personality

Step 2: Think about content of the letter

  • Make it easy for the person to write a litter for you

  • Tell them exactly what type of skills and experiences you would like them to highlight about you.

  • Make sure that the skills and experiences you choose to highlight match the qualifications of the job you are applying for.

  • Provide examples of the work you have done together and the outcomes to refresh their memory.

Step 3: Make the Ask

  • Send an email to the person and specify:

    • Why you are reaching out to them

    • Remind them about the work you have done together (school, work or professional club/ association related)

    • Provide a timeline for the recommendation letter to be completed

    • Make the timeline realistic so that the person who is writing the letter has enough time to complete it

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