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How to Answer "What is your greatest accomplishment?" question

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Great things never come from comfort zones

Why do interviewers ask "What are your greatest accomplishments?"

  • To see what sets you apart from other candidates?

  • Assess your level of experience.

  • Think of it as your greatest selling point.

  • This question also gives them a sense of what you value.

Tips on answering "What are your greatest accomplishments?"

  1. Remember – you’re not bragging. Interviews are very different than a regular conversation. You’re expected to sell yourself.

  2. Have two or three possible accomplishments lined up, so you can choose the one most related to the position.

  3. Use the STAR interview technique to structure your answer.

STAR = Situation/Task, Approach, Result.

  1. Situation/Task: First, describe the event, situation or problem.

  2. Approach: Talk about what you did and your approach.

  3. Result: Explain the outcome using stats or a compelling story.

Sample Answer to "What are your greatest accomplishments?"

"During my internship at Smith Accounting, my supervisor asked me to add a new section to their procedure manual. I noticed that there were several outdated resources throughout the manual.

I offered to revise it completely, researching and adding hyperlinks so it would always be current.

By making these updates, we were able to avoid a costly mistake with a large client. The CEO was

so pleased he decided to use my format for all internal documents."

"Be YOURSELF. Everyone else is already taken."

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