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4 Traits Employers are Looking for in the Field of Video Production

Updated: May 10, 2019

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Video is far and away the most popular type of content on the web. In fact, YouTube is now the second largest search engine behind Google! As the cost for producing videos has come down over the last decade, the demand for video production professionals has skyrocketed. You’ll have plenty of opportunities, whether in-house for a large organization, within a marketing agency, or in the

film industry.

Are you about to interview for a position in video production? Learn the top four traits employers want and how to demonstrate them in your answers.

1. Collaboration

As you know, a video set has a large cast of characters, and we’re not talking about the ones being filmed. Production assistants, grips, boom operators, camera operators – the list goes on. Employers want to know that you can work seamlessly with their crew to help the shoot go smoothly (and inexpensively).

Questions they might ask to see if you’re collaborative:

  • Walk me through how you communicate a problem on the set.

  • Tell me about a video that turned out better because of great crew chemistry.

How to show them you’re collaborative:

  • Explain how you take initiative by offering a solution, rather than simply stating the problem.

  • Share a story that demonstrates how you found a balance between listening and offering your perspective.

  • Show an understanding of your role and how it supports the rest of the crew.

2. Patience

In the world of video production, there are always unexpected delays. Weather, traffic, uncooperative equipment – it happens. And depending on the kind of videos, the days can be long. If you’re not okay with “hurry up and wait,” you’ll get frustrated easily. Employers want candidates who can go with the flow.

Questions they might ask to see if you’re patient:

  • How do you handle stress?

  • Tell me about a time your video shoot went way off track.

How to show them you’re patient:

  • Be clear that you fully expect things to go wrong, that it’s a part of the business.

  • Share a story to demonstrate how you’ve persisted through setbacks, whether in a job or at school.

  • Tell them what strategies you use to manage frustrations (exercise, meditation, humor)

3. Attention to Detail

Whether it’s rearranging sequences, adjusting the lighting, or tweaking the script, a great video requires close attention to detail before, during, and after production. Employers want to know that you’ll be on top of your game for every shoot. They rely on each crew member to be prepared and organized, so they can have a quality final product.

Questions they might ask to see if you have attention to detail:

  • How do you make sure you’re prepared for production day?

  • Tell us about a time when you made a mistake.

How to demonstrate that you have attention to detail:

  • Talk about tools or resources you rely on to stay organized (checklists or apps).

  • Share a story about a mistake, taking responsibility and describing what you did to learn from the experience.

  • Use the interview process to demonstrate your attention to detail – with a perfect resume, cover letter, and following all instructions about the interview process.

4. Creative

Creativity in video production can mean everything from designing a storyboard to stretching the budget or trying new technology. Regardless of your position on the crew, employers want candidates who are open-minded and natural problem-solvers.

Questions they might ask to see if you’re creative:

How to show them you’re creative:

  • Talk about how you view problems as creative challenges.

  • Share your proudest creative moment with enthusiasm, whether it was a great idea, design, strategy, or solution.

  • Walk them through your creative thought process, in other words, how you took it from idea to action.


Approach your interview questions with these four traits in mind and your future employer will check all their must-haves off their list. Good luck in your video production career!

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