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4 Best Tools To Keep You Organized Your First Year on the Job

Updated: May 6, 2019

In today’s video, we are going to talk about some tools and resources that will help you keep yourself organized on your first year on the job.


1. Evernote - Best Note Taking Tool

  • PRICE : Free for basic

  • Evernote is one of the better known apps for note taking and organizing information.

  • USES: • Organizing research and notes • Writing down your to-do list • Drafting blog posts • Writing down progress on mid and annual performance reviews for yourself. • Saving articles to read later. • The best part about it is that it syncs across all your devices.

2. Trello - Best Visual Organization Tool

  • PRICE : Free for basic

  • Trello is a well known app that’s especially good for tracking and visualizing the progress of your ideas.

  • Using their card based layout, you can create a card for every idea and then jot in notes there.

  • Organize these ideas into categories or lists.

  • Create task lists and checklists within cards.

  • Color code them.

3. Google Docs - Best Collaboration Tools

  • PRICE : Free for basic

  • Google docs allow you to work together on the same document real time.

  • Make revisions and leave comments for others to see in the document.

  • Share the document across multiple teams for easy access.

4. Basecamp - Best Collaboration Tools

  • PRICE : Free for basic

  • There are a lot of collaborative project management tools, but Basecamp is one of the best for: • Managing projects, groups and client work. • Communication around teams and projects. • The user interface is simple, intuitive and easy to navigate.

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