3 women talking at table with computers

Surround yourself with mentors and people smarter than you

Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon tells a great story about the early days of Amazon.com. In the early days, when Amazon was just getting started, Jeff was very hands on. One night, along with his small team he was in the distribution center on his hands and knees packing boxes for shipment. He says, “Let me show you how stupid I can be. We were all in the distribution center packing and

I said to the person next to me, “This packing is killing me. My hands hurt, my knees hurt from being on the concrete floor all day. You know what we should do, we should get some knee pads.” And the person next to Jeff looked at him like, “I can’t believe I am working for this guy.”. “No, Jeff’, he said, “ We don’t need knee pads. What we need is packing tables.” Jeff laughed at this story for a long time. Indeed, they got the packing tables and it doubled their productivity. The moral of the story. One mind is great but two minds is so much better so surround yourself with smart people.