Expand the reach of your

career center to every student on campus

On-the-go, bite-sized career readiness content for your students

in less than 5 minutes a week

We help you extend the reach of your career center to all students on campus

by providing you with on-the-go, bite-sized career development and readiness content that increases engagement with your career center.

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Why Should Universities Subscribe

to Career Bloom?

  • Expand the reach of the career center and classroom discussions to all students, not just those that visit the center and attend classes

  • 2-minute bite-sized, actionable, on the go advice - delivered straight to student's inbox, which allows them to build their skills over time and gain confidence. 

  • All content is branded as University/College so you take full credit for the delivered value. 

  • Makes your Career Center available 24/7 at all times when students are searching for career-related advice.

  • Makes your Career Center the preferred channel of career content vs. other well known national outlets.



Of students who have reviewed career readiness content presented by Career Bloom have stated that they feel more comfortable and more prepared to enter the workforce. 

Why Do Students Love Career Bloom​​


Bite-sized training delivered the way students want to consume information


Accessible on the

go via phones


Only takes 5 minutes a week/you choose your own time


Actionable vs. theory. (Actionable takeaways,

to-do lists and reminders)

What You Get​

with Career Bloom


Fits with

the way your students learn

Customized solutions for

your goals

Helps you

increase student engagement with your Career Center and expand the reach to

all students on campus

How Career Bloom Works

Includes engaging content like video, to-do lists and action plans

Under 1 minute in length

Once a week via email

and/or text message

We deliver educational content branded as your University/College in bite-sized, actionable tips, resources and tools.


Many Modules and Tracks to Choose From

Job Search, Interview & Salary Negotiations

Tools and resources for developing a solid online presence and personal brand,

preparing for salary negotiations and on the job success.


Problem Solving

Solving business and interpersonal problems.


Stress Management

Become effective and happy at work by managing stress and priorities.


Decision Making

Tools and resources for choosing effective options and making better decisions that are aligned with company goals.



Tools, resources and tips to become collaborative, effective and resilient team members.

How to Get Your Bloom Started


We conduct a deep-dive consultation to understand your needs and define organizational training goals.


Career Bloom creates a customized recommended content plan.


We start sending actionable training content in a bite-sized format on a weekly basis.


Your students’ careers bloom and you establish your university as the go-to career advice resource for your alumni!

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