Invest in your child's future with our


Coaching Package

Give the best graduation gift possible...

a springboard to launch your child's successful career. 


You were there when they were visiting campuses, nervously sending applications, and waiting

for the perfect college to reply. 

You were there when they finally got that acceptance letter. You lugged their belongings back

and forth, made sure they had care packages, and talked them down when they were stressed

or homesick. 

And now, your new or soon-to-be graduate is poised to enter the working world. 

But are they ready?

According to a survey from the Association of American Colleges and Universities,

70% of college students

think they possess the skills needed to succeed in the workplace. However,

less than a third of employees believe new grads are ready. 

We specifically designed our coaching program to address those gaps.


Your graduate will be in the best position possible to find fulfilling work

and handle their new role. 

In three one-hour private video sessions, we'll coach your graduating student to successfully navigate the transition between college life and the workplace. 

Invest in Your Graduate's Future

Here's what they'll learn.:


Develop Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is how others perceive who you are, what you represent, and what you have to offer. Together, we will create your story:

• Improve your resume and cover letters

• Create a compelling elevator pitch

• Refine your LinkedIn profile for maximum exposure to potential employers.



Nail Your Interviews

Learn how to present your personal brand in an interview. Knowing how you'll answer questions in advance will give you clarity, poise, and confidence. To leave a great impression, we will: 

• Talk about what employers want to hear 

   and what 90% of applicants don't say

• Prepare for the 15 most common questions

• Rehearse through mock interviews 



Thrive in Your First Job

Making the transition from college to work requires a whole new set of skills. You don't have to learn the hard way through trial and error. Through coaching, you can: 

• Establish positive working relationships

• Manage priorities and deadlines

• Get promoted more quickly and have a

   career plan to guide you 


Survey showed that close to 80% of students who reviewed career development content presented by Armida Markarova have stated that they feel more prepared for the job research, interviewing and career development process.



As a parent, you may never stop worrying about your child - no matter how old they are.

You always want the best for them. 

Give them a career coach with a sincere desire to help new graduates succeed

- and the industry knowledge to back it up.


Armida Makarova is an award winning marketing strategist and brand builder who's worked for over 16 years in executive leadership positions. 

She's managed multiple interdisciplinary teams, agencies and vendors while also mentoring and coaching her staff to develop careers aligned with their passions, skills and strengths. 

Armida is a frequent speaker at universities and colleges helping graduating students develop their professional brands, prepare for the job interviewing process, as well as thrive in their first job. In fact, some of Armida's career coaching content has been incorporated into class curriculum at select universities assisting graduating students prepare for a successful transition from college to work.

Armida has always motivated people to achieve their greater potential.

With virtually no unplanned turnover, she successfully guided her team members' careers by providing necessary tools, resources and training. 

She decided to create CareerBloom as a career mentoring and coaching platform. Armida's mission is to help graduating college students successfully transition from their last year in college to their first year on the job. 


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It does not matter how slowly you go

as long as you do not stop.