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A CEO who writes 8,000 employee birthday cards a year just got the best 'thank you'

I just read the story and it put a big smile on my face.


Sheldon Yellen who is a CEO of a company has made it a tradition to write a birthday card for every single employee that works for him.


He now writes about 8,000 cards a year. For Yellen's birthday recently, his own gift was 8,000 birthday cards.


Each person in the company wrote a card to give to Yellen as a token of their appreciation.

When asked why he does it, he said that writing hand-written cards allowed him to get to know his employees better and have one-on-one conversations with most of them.


After receiving the card, they would stop by his office and that would allow him to learn more about them and spend some time discussing their goals and aspirations. Love this so much!